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Every time you pay your insurance premiums, you're trusting that your insurance company will cover you in the event of an accident. However, some insurance companies have been know to break this agreement by delaying the claims process, unjustly denying claims, or offering unfair claim settlements.

What actions can you take to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of bad faith practices or misconduct by an insurance company? Do you have reason to believe that your insurance company has unlawfully denied your claim?  Fortunately, lawmakers in the state of Wisconsin have chosen to protect the rights insurance policyholders with the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act.  The Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act protects insurance policyholders from unreasonable delays, actions, and requests from insurance companies, and requires the insurance companies to provide their policyholders with a prompt, fair, and equitable settlement. If you believe that your insurance company is treating you unjustly or unreasonably, educate yourself on your rights, and speak with a lawyer about ways to combat bad faith insurance practices and ensure that you recieve your rightful compensation.

At Studinski Law, LLC we understand the obligations your insurance company has to you and what stands in court as reasonable and unreasonable actions. We will listen to your story and fight for your rights even when your insurance companies continue to deny, delay, or disregard your claim.

Know your rights, and fight against bad faith insurance practices.

Insurance companies and insurance policies can be intimidating and confusing, and it may be easy to assume that the company is right if they reject your claim or offer you less than the cost of your damages. Unfortunately, insurance bad faith does happen in Wisconsin.  If you do not fight the system, you could lose the money that you rightfully deserve.

Common examples of insurance bad faith include:

  • Unreasonable delays. Delays throughout the insurance claim policy can save insurance companies money; however, delays may be disastrous to a claimant with damaged property in financial distress. According to Wisconsin law, insurance companies must acknowledge your claim promptly, respond to communications promptly, and investigate your claim in a timely manner.
  • Unreasonable interpretations of the insurance policy. Insurance policies can be dense, confusing, technical, and difficult to understand. In some cases, insurance companies may try to interpret the original policy's words to mean something else. This practice is simply not legal.
  • Unjust claim denial. If an insurance company denies your claim, they need to have a solid reason for doing so.  They must be working in good faith. If they are not able to provide you with a fair-minded and equitable reason for denying your claim, they are acting in bad faith.
  • Unreasonable settlement offers. Rather than deny your claim altogether, some insurance companies may offer you a small settlement that does not cover the cost of repairing your property damage in hopes that you will be satisfied with receiving any form of compensation, even if it's an unfair one.
  • Careless investigations into claims. Claim investigations are used to determine an accurate settlement amount, and investigations should be executed professionally in a thorough, meticulous, and standardized way. If your claim is investigated in a shoddy or slapdash manner, your insurance company may be acting in bad faith.
  • Unreasonable requests of the claimant. One way that insurance companies keep their customers from pursuing legitimate claims is to make the claims process more difficult than it needs to be. Insurance companies should not ask claimants to travel an unreasonable distance or impose unfair timelines to the claims process in Wisconsin. The insurance company also may not threaten the claimant in any way.

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When you apply and pay for insurance, you expect to protect your your finances and guard against future catastophe. Insurance bad faith can put your property and security at risk despite your best intentions. If you live in Wisconsin and believe you are being treated unfairly by your insurance company, talk to one of our experienced bad faith insurance lawyer at Studinski Law, LLC today.

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