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If you are searching for one of the top personal injury lawyers in Wisconsin, Studinski Law, LLC offers you a different kind of personalized lawyer-client experience.

A "personal injury" is defined as bodily harm caused by someone else’s negligence or mistake.  This could include motor vehicle accidents, dog bites, or trip/fall incidents.  It could happen at work, in traffic, or on public or private property.  When you need a slip and fall attorney, call on the experienced professionals at Studinski Law in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

You’ll see how a small, specialized, and passionate staff uses aggressive techniques and creative ideas to make sure you get the best possible attorney representation and the best possible outcome. While we’re committed to do everything in our power to meet your needs, we never forget that this is a difficult experience for you. Our clients are our first concern, always. Ask our former injury clients about our results. We view what we do every day as so much more than our job; it is our calling.

We only succeed when our clients succeed.

This Is Our Promise to You:

We Will Be Aggressive
You come first. Your personal injury case is important. Our lawyers are here to help. No matter the type of case, we will fight tirelessly for you.

We Are Innovative
As a recognized and respected law team, we mix personal experience with cutting-edge legal strategies that have resulted in a history of success for personal injury cases.

We Are Compassionate
When our clients first approach us, it is generally because something tragic or unfair has occurred. Our Wisconsin legal team understands how difficult this time can be, and we do our best to help in any way we can. Our clients appreciate the compassion, kindness, and personalized attention we bring to the experience.

Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer Jason Studinski

Jason Studinski, Wisconsin slip/fall personal injury lawyer working with highly qualified personal injury attorneys.As a tireless advocate for his clients, Jason Studinski has earned a reputation as one of Wisconsin and Stevens Point’s most respected personal injury attorneys and as one of the top Wisconsin accident/slip and fall lawyers.

The youngest of six, Stevens Point lawyer Jason Studinski grew up in Stevens Point, Wisconsin spending most of his personal time outdoors. Ahead of his class from an early age, Jason graduated high school early and immediately joined the Wisconsin Army National Guard. He would later make his way through college thanks to multiple scholarships, military assistance, and part-time jobs. In just three and one half years, Jason graduated summa cum laude from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.


Attorney Jennifer Kehoe

Jen has been a litigator for more than sixteen years working both with individuals and corporations.  Her wide range of experience has given her a unique perspective on how the law affects both plaintiffs and defendants.  Read more about Jennifer Kehoe.

Paralegal Kelly McKibben

Kelly has been a paralegal with Studinski Law, LLC since March of 2011.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and exceptional skills to our firm and to our clients.  Read about Kelly McKibben.

Paralegal Aimee Bleyer

Aimee is a life-long resident of the central Wisconsin area.  She's been a paralegal with Studinski Law, LLC since 2009.  Read more about Aimee Bleyer.

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