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When we take a case, our clients know that they will receive the very best we have to offer. With kindness and compassion, we approach each unique situation in a way that creatively and effectively gets results. We believe that we can only achieve success when our clients do as well. At Studinski Law, LLC, we treat every case and every client with the respect and importance they deserve. That is our promise to you.

Personal Client Testimonials

"I was driving my car, when a dump truck pulled out directly in front of me. There was a huge crash. I have a severely broken leg and I was in a lot of pain. After talking to other lawyers, I hired Studinski Law. Jason Studinski and his team took a huge weight off of me. They were friendly and helpful at every turn. Thanks to Studinski Law, I received the compensation I needed and could move on with my life. I recommend Jason Studinski to anyone hurt by a commercial truck."

-A.P. – Amherst, WI

"My brother-in-law died tragically in an out-of-state car wreck that wasn’t his fault. I was appointed to handle his estate. We hired Jason Studinski. We were so impressed with his work. Jason and his team seemed to outwork the insurance company. We obtained a policy limits settlement. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I’m thrilled with the result."

-D.S. – Waupaca, Wisconsin

"I was driving my car when another vehicle crossed the centerline and hit me. It was a horrible wreck. My kids were in the car with me. I was so worried. Ultimately, I was diagnosed with a brain injury from the wreck. I lost my job. The bills were piling up. Friends and relatives suggested that I contact Jason Studinski to represent me. We went to court and he fought the insurance company. I received a fair settlement and I would recommend Jason to anyone who has been seriously injured."

-M.W. – Thorp, Wisconsin

"Jason was one of the best lawyers I could ever ask for. I had a personal injury case and was very nervous about taking on a lawyer for my case. In the end his thorough work and honest concern won me over. From day one he always asked my opinion on any matter, gave me advice, and helped me through a rough time in my life. Everyone at his office was so helpful and caring. I would recommend their services to anyone – you won’t be disappointed."

-A.P., Weyauwega, Wisconsin

“I was driving a company vehicle when a speeding, reckless driver crossed the center line and hit me. I was badly injured. I've heard of horror stories of other people's experiences being represented by lawyers after a wreck. Some people do not even get their medical bills covered by their settlements or the case takes years to finish. I had a great experience with Studinski Law. I really appreciated the time they took explaining the process to me. They handled everything professionally and very timely. I'm very pleased with the final result in my case. I'm happy. I would recommend Studinski Law, LLC to anyone that needed a personal injury attorney.”

- B.B., Marshfield, Wisconsin

"I was viciously attacked by a German Shepherd and left with permanent injuries as a result.  Studinski Law went above and beyond in handling my case.  They kept me informed every step of the way.  Their extremely thorough investigation uncovered the fact that this dog had a documented history of aggressive behavior prior to my attack.  I believe this information was a critical factor in making sure the dog’s owner and the insurance company were held accountable for my injuries.  I was thrilled with the results I received.  I would highly recommend Studinski Law to anyone in need of a lawyer that gets great results. "

- GR, Rio, WI

"I was badly injured in a highway speed car wreck. I am a small business owner. I didn't know where to turn for legal help. I'm so glad I found Jason Studinski. He and his group listened, worked incredibly hard, and helped obtain a policy limits settlement for me.  I recommend Jason Studinski to anyone who has been injured on the road."

- C.W., Marshfield, Wisconsin

"I was T-boned in a car wreck and my knee was seriously injured. The insurance company tried to claim that I had a pre-existing condition--that my injuries were not caused by the wreck. I turned to Jason Studinski and his team for help. They fought for me and obtained a great result."

- R.S., Portage, Wisconsin

“We want to thank you for the extremely professional manner in which you handled my mother's case. You are a top flight legal team, as well as wonderful communicators, keeping us informed in all aspects of the case and its proceedings.”

- N.F., Monona, Wisconsin

“Thank God Jason Studinski and his team were there to help us. Our son was attacked by a dog. My family had never worked with a lawyer before. We did not know what to do abou the injury. We were scared, confused, and emotional. We wanted the dog owners and their insurance company to take responsibility for the injury. We hired Jason. He listened to us. Because of his work, the dog owners and their insurance company ultimately took responsibility for their actions. I would recommend Jason and his team to anyone in need of a skilled and caring advocate.”

- C.D., Chicago, Illinois

Our recent experience with Jason Studinski and the Studinski Law Team was excellent! Jason is a very friendly and “pull no punches” kind of guy. The team treated us with respect and compassion. Throughout the whole process, every step was explained in detail, we always had a feeling of security and confidence that Jason would do his best for us!

Team Studinski Law – Compassionate, Straight Forward, Honest, Trustworthy and above all Friendly!!

Wrecked Truck Replacement $17,000
Rental Car, Home Modifications $ 8,500
Hospital Bills and Surgery $80,000
Studinski Law Giving us Peace of Mind……………….

Thank You!
M.P. & L.P., Mosinee, Wisconsin

“We hired Jason Studinski to represent our family when my father tragically died because he was abused and neglected at a local nursing home. Jason put our minds at ease immediately. His friendly attitude and expert advice helped us through a very difficult time. He is a tenacious advocate in court and a trusted spokesperson for the rights of the elderly. Jason bonded with our family. He is not just a lawyer—he is a friend and honorary member of our family. I recommend Jason without hesitation.”

- K.Z., Burlington, Wisconsin/Florida 

"We cannot thank you enough for all of the work you have done for us regarding our ski injury case. We were very fortunate to find Studinski Law. You worked quickly toward an excellent settlement for the injury and were in constant contact with us. It was truly a pleasure to work with you."

- S.W. and L.W., Illinois

“My mother was neglected in a nursing home. She became malnourished and she developed terrible pressure ulcers (bedsores). Eventually, Mom died. I retained a Milwaukee-area lawyer. Little progress was made on our case over a period of years. Then, I hired Jason Studinski. What a difference. He communicated with me regularly and did a thorough investigation. Ultimately, we resolved our case and I am very happy with how the matter was handled. I would recommend Jason for any nursing home neglect case. He is a caring and understanding advocate who knows how to get excellent results.”

- T.F., Michigan

"We were very careful in choosing a nursing home for my father. A member of our family visited him every day–often more. We did not realize that the staff was not changing the bandages on my father's surgical site. My father was neglected. We did not know what to do. We turned to Jason Studinski. He helped us hold the nursing home accountable. We could not have done so without Jason and his team. We hope that together with Jason we have helped make this nursing home a safer place for its residents.”  

- D.O., Milwaukee, WI

I was driving my vehicle home when a drunk driver ran a stop light and t-boned me. I was badly injured. I am getting up in years. The insurance company tried to make the wreck seem like my fault and tried to say my injuries were not that big a deal because I am in my eighties and people that age have pain anyway. I hired Jason Studinski. He listened to me and worked very hard on my case. He met me at my home when I didn’t feel well enough to meet at his office. He handled all the details of my case and we became friends in the process. We got an excellent result. Jason is a great personal injury lawyer and I am happy to call him my friend.”

- E.M., Portage, Wisconsin

I became a client of Jason Studinski following an accident where an intoxicated driver rear-ended my vehicle causing injury to me that required surgery and rehab. During the case, I was thoroughly pleased with Mr. Studinski’s professional manner and the fact that he completed all work in a timely fashion. To anyone seeking legal assistance in a case similar to mine, I would highly recommend Jason Studinski as a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer. Above all, Jason is a very caring person who always had my best interests at heart.”

- -P.M. – Portage, Wisconsin

“My insurance company was not treating me fairly after I was rear ended by an uninsured driver. I never thought I would have to fight with my own insurance company to pay what was owed. I hired Jason Studinski to help. He thoroughly investigated my case and ultimately we settled my injury case. I was well satisfied with the settlement. I recommend Jason.”

- G.H., Portage, Wisconsin

“When my father was a resident of a Wisconsin group home, he died due to the neglect of the home. I hired Jason Studinski to investigate and bring a case. He tried our case to a jury and won my family's case. I was pleased that the group home was made to answer for neglecting my father.”

- LG, Minnesota

“When my husband suffered a serious back injury in a car wreck, we were devastated. Jason Studinski connected with us on a personal level. He appreciated the unique ways this automobile wreck impacted our lives. In fact, he visited us at home on numerous occasions. This made us feel more comfortable. He is caring and skillful. Jason is an excellent negotiator. He resolved our injury case favorably.”

- L.P., Black Earth, Wisconsin

“I trust Jason Studinski. Our family hired Jason to represent my daughter when she was injured by a reckless driver. My daughter had a severely broken lower leg. The doctors implanted hardware. This was serious and we needed help dealing with the insurance companies. Jason personally convinced the insurance company to resolve my daughter's case with the use of creative tools such as an animation of my daughter's injuries. The animation clearly depicted my daughter's injuries and did what simple medical records or opinions could not. Throughout the case, Jason visited us at our home several times. In the end, he resolved the case to our satisfaction.”

- G.B., Dane, Wisconsin

“When my sister died in a state run medical facility, I retained Jason Studinski. He was kind, compassionate, and helpful at every turn. He gave me wonderful advice, and in the end, resolved our case short of trial. I recommend Jason.”

- M.R., Gays Mills, Wisconsin

“Skillful. Understands the rules and regulations for nursing homes, medicine for nursing home residents, and the legal system. We needed Jason Studinski’s help when my husband was neglected in a nursing home. Thankfully, he was able to resolve our case short of trial.”

- D.S., Endeavor, Wisconsin

“Jason Studinski tried my case to a jury and won. He didn't use a bunch of fancy words and trickery to try to move the jury. He was blunt, honest, personal, and prepared. He knows how to win tough cases.”

- P.M., Endeavor, Wisconsin

“Jason Studinski is caring, compassionate, personal, and always prepared. He represented me when my daughter was killed by a drunk driver. Not only did we talk business, we talked heart. He was wonderful at every turn. I trust him.”

- J.K., Pardeeville, Wisconsin

“Jason Studinski spoke to us in personal, clear, understandable English, not legal mumbo jumbo. He is a great negotiator. He settled our case. Jason helped our family when we needed it most.”

- E.D. and M.D., Briggsville, Wisconsin

"I was injured at a store because it failed to take simple, proper safety precautions to keep its customers and employees safe. After I was injured, the store and their insurance company refused to take responsibility for my accident and actually tried to say it my fault I got hurt. I was scared to bring my claims and to file a lawsuit. I hired Studinski Law and they helped me every step of the way. Within months they were able to get me a fair and reasonable settlement. I couldn’t be happier with the results."

- B.E., Marshfield, WI

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